Monday, September 12, 2011


Track: Untitled V
Artist: Forteresse
Album: Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plaines
Genre: Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal Quebecois
Similar Artists: Walknut, Leucosis, Monarque, Burzum

Like their old material, but with the addition of ambient keys reminiscent of Burzum. Forteresse are certainly at the peak of the Canadian black metal scene.

Wolves In The Throne Room

Artist: Wolves In The Throne Room
Track: Astral Blood
Album: Celestial Lineage
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Similar Artists: Leech, Skagos, Krallice

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Track: Berisiel II
Artist: Grimoire
Album:À la lumière des cendres
Genre: Atmospheric black metal


More black metal from Québec! This band is the side project of Fiel, who is also in Forteresse and Csejthe.


Track: The Wilderness
Artist: Northaunt
Genre: Ambient/dark ambient
Similar Artists: Kammarheit, Gustaf Hildebrand

Download: pt 1 and pt 2

Perfect for chilling out to.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Track: I was Ignored, Judged, and Cast Down
Artist: Thou
Album: Tyrant
Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal
Similar Artists: Coffinworm, Graves at Sea, Asunder

Thou are touring with Wolves In The Throne Room. The material they've put out this year is apparently quite impressive, and although I haven't checked it out yet, if it's anything like last year's Summit, then great things are expected.


Track: Voices In The Wilderness
Album: Summit

Black Army Jacket

Dantam - Black Army Jacket by PeterAndersonn

Artists: Black Army Jacket
Track: Dantam
Album: The Path of Two Swords as One
Genre: Grindcore, Powerviolence
Similar Artists: Vile Intent, Man is The Bastard

Monday, July 25, 2011


Track: Nostalgia
Artist: Gorguts
Album: Obscura
Genre: Experimental Death Metal
Similar Artists: Ulcerate, Immolation, Baring Teeth

I saw Gorguts. It was rad. Certainly the best death metal show I've seen in a good long while. The venue was tiny, and the crowd was comprised of a tiny but dedicated fan base.

Obscura is my favourite Gorguts album. I love the production, the odd & innovative guitar-work,the direction they decided to take the band at this point, and it features my favourite Canadian vocal performance. An obscure death metal classic-pun sort of intended.

Demo Material is ace too. Gorguts may just be the most consistent band in the genre, and yes, I am including Immolation.

Track: . . .And Then Comes Lividity (intro) + Haematological Allergy

listen to that intro